Comprehensive Eye Care

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Comprehensive eye care is an incredibly important part of any eye care regimen. With most eye problems, early prevention is key to avoiding loss of vision and other aggravating issues. Our doctors and staff at Horizon Eye Care are truly dedicated to providing you and your family the best experience in comprehensive eye care.

Eye Examinations

No matter what age you may be, eye exams are a crucial part of keeping your eyes happy and healthy. Everyone benefits from getting routine eye exams, whether you have glasses or not. Eye exams are the best way to prevent eye diseases, and to catch any that may not have any symptoms.

Most people are asked to come in for eye exams every 2 to 3 years. However, yearly eye exams may be necessary if you already have existing eye conditions, medical conditions, or high risks. The higher your risk for an eye condition, the more often you may be asked to come in for eye examinations.

During routine eye exams, your eye doctor will test your eyes for certain diseases, visual acuity, and your eye muscle movement. During these exams, this is when our eye doctors search for warning signs and symptoms of eye conditions like cataracts, and macular degeneration. Future risks are assessed by our doctors asking about your medical history. This helps us assess what eye conditions you may be more likely to develop over time.


During the eye exam process, your vision will be tested. Based off how well your eyes see, receiving a new prescription for eyeglasses may be necessary. At Horizon Eye Care, we sell eyeglasses that are stylish, as well as protective and suited for many activities. Make sure to check out our shop to see all the different varieties that we have available!

Contact Lenses

Another important part of the routine eye exam is being fitted for contact lenses, if a patient chooses. Depending on the patient, some may need a fitting to find their best contact lenses, as well as a demonstration on how best to put in their new contacts and how to care for them. For those that already have contacts, your routine eye exam is a good time to have your prescription updated. Keeping up to date prescriptions is a pivotal part of the eye care process.


For a patient in their forties, fifties, or sixties, a routine comprehensive eye exam is an ideal time to talk to one of our skilled doctors about cataracts. We check for cataracts during the exam, but the exam is also a time that you can ask our doctors any questions that you may have about cataracts, or eventually removing them through cataract surgery.


Most people are not born with perfect vision, and LASIK is one way that we can help patients see the world clearly. Our LASIK surgeons are extremely experienced, and practice the latest techniques that are available. LASIK can be a great option for those that are looking to improve their vision, but it is not suited for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK and if you could be a good candidate, make sure to bring it up at your next routine eye exam with one of our doctors!

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